Retail Brokerage Service

Central Asia and Eastern Europe Expertise

All-Inclusive Financial Services for Clients of All Sizes

All-Inclusive Financial Services for Clients of All Sizes

We provide a comprehensive array of financial services to our target retail audience of high-net-worth individuals and small businesses seeking to diversify their investment portfolios to manage economic risk.

Clients are provided with online tools and retail locations to establish accounts and conduct securities trading on transaction-based pricing.


We offer state-of-the-art proprietary electronic trading platform, Tradernet. Tradernet provides clients with a browser-based desktop application and in some countries a supporting mobile app to facilitate trading activity. Tradernet provides clients with trading capabilities and access to the KASE, Ukrainian Exchange, NYSE, NASDAQ, LSE, and Deutsche Börse. Additionally, Tradernet allows clients to monitor and manage all aspects of their personal accounts and participate in our client social network.

Ukrainian Exchange
New York Stock exchange (NYSE)
London Stock Exchange
Deutsche Börse